25 July 2019, By Steffanie Hoek

This concept is part of Yalp’s three-year sponsorship of the Krajicek Foundation. It follows the example set by American foundation KABOOM, which involves playgrounds being installed within just one day with the community’s assistance. Yalp and the Krajicek Foundation developed the Playground in One Day concept to encourage children to engage in physical activity more often; the ideal outdoor playground is challenging, interactive and brings the whole community together. On Saturday September 21st 2019, they will execute this ambitious plan at Krajicek Playground Boswinkel Plaza in Enschede. The new outdoor playground will be completed within one day in a joint effort with Enschede local authority, the playground association, a neighbouring school and the community. Yalp Director Ben Admiraal said about Playground in One Day:

Ben: “We live in a time in which a lot is changing.”

New technological developments and opportunities have become an important part of our lives. Note the amount of screen time you spend on your phone, for example. We are spending more and more time on our mobile phones; we spend far more time on computers and less and less time playing and engaging in sports outdoors. Many playgrounds have become outdated and dilapidated. This is a missed opportunity, because playing and engaging in sports outdoors is so important! That’s why we want to make the Krajicek Foundation’s initiative to play outside attractive, challenging and interactive, to turn our indoor generation (we are the most sedentary nation in the world) into an outdoor generation.

What better and more tangible way to do that than by simply taking a playground and making it more future-proof, challenging and interactive. And we’re not waiting until the budget allows for it, no, we’re going to accomplish it ourselves with sponsoring, crowdfunding and support from the local authority, community, school, and playground association. We are confident this will be a success, because an important part of the required budget has been achieved. Not only is the financing of this project unique, the execution is too, because we are going to accomplish this in a single day.

Ben: “Can it be done, considering we’re talking about a project with a commercial value of around 250,000 Euros?!”

Yes, it can be done, because all 50 of our employees are going to assist, along with relevant parties from the community, the school, the playground association, the local authority and the Krajicek Foundation.

Playground in one day will take place on Saturday September 21st in Enschede, as the Krajicek playground is located in Enschede West. We’re going to upgrade this outdated playground together and turn it into a super trendy, challenging and inspirational playground that challenges not just children, but everyone, young and old, to meet one another, to play, and to engage in sports. A playground of which the community can be proud, which contributes to wellbeing and the enjoyment of living in this neighbourhood. I’m so proud that our team has the confidence to accept the challenge to undertake this crazy, actually impossible project with the Krajicek Foundation and all our other partners.

Ben: “When I see the progress that has been made within a short space of time, it gives me every confidence that we’ll pull this off together and that it will be an experience worth its weight in gold.”

Would you like to contribute and help us realize this incredible project? You can donate here!

– Ben Admiraal