26 July 2019, By Steffanie Hoek

Mario Hofman, Accountmanager & Healthcare Institution Specialist at Yalp, explains his motivation for what he does best: Including everyone in play!

Mario: “With a son of 7 and a daughter of 3, “Let’s go and play outside” is something I hear on a daily basis.”

They are both absolutely crazy about all there is to experience outdoors. From a cool playground with all the different playground structures (yes, dad works for a playground equipment manufacturer), to a simple hill they can race down on their skateboard and bicycle. Or a fun interactive play wall against which they can throw and aim different kinds of balls. They love it all!

As I’ve been involved in the field of outdoor play, sports and activity as a healthcare institution specialist for a few years, I have meanwhile identified different target groups. From young to old, and from those with good motor skills to people with a disability. Partly because of this, I became intrinsically motivated to focus on equipping outdoor spaces effectively for young and older people with a physical or mental disability in particular. An outdoor space that challenges and invites play, sports, exercise and meeting people at their own level. Whether that is a playground, outdoor gym, rehabilitation centre, or meeting place.

I get daily satisfaction from designing facilities that specifically accommodate people with disabilities. The design principle for which I and a large group of enthusiastic colleagues are responsible is known as ‘All-in’. The premise is always that young and old, able-bodied and disabled can play together to their hearts’ content. Adjustments that are made to facilitate accessibility of the playground and user-friendliness of the equipment are unnoticeable from the outside. Yalp has meanwhile developed expertise in designing these facilities. As such, my mission is:

“Playing outdoors should come naturally. For people with a disability too! Let’s Play!” 

– Mario Hofman