29 March 2019, By Steffanie Hoek
Marketing manager, Niels Hobert, got the opportunity to travel to Rovaniemi (Finland) to attend a 2 day workshop hosted by local marketing agencies at Lappset HQ. The goal was to come up with plans for the global branding of Lappset and the 50th Anniversary next year.

The main goal was to find common ground between the IBD (International Business Division) Germany and Holland. We want to encourage all marketing employees worldwide to cooperate more and use their creativity to come up with concrete plans and get things done!

Before the trip, I wrote down a few goals that I wanted to accomplish for myself, both professionaly and personally.

The two most important ones professionaly being that I wanted to get to know all the people I will be working with in the future. Second, that I wanted to properly introduce myself and share my skills and knowledge with them.

The fun personal goals would be:

  • Tasting fresh venison
  • Experiencing the Arctic Circle
  • Get a glance of the Northern Lights
  • Riding a snowmobile
  • And of course, meeting Santa Claus!

Apart from riding a snowmobile, I managed to fulfill all of them and I can honestly say this has been a really successful trip.

Day 1 workshop: Creating product launch plans

Day 1 was hosted by Flatlight (a marketing company on the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland) who produces most of the video content for Lappset. They really got the creative juices flowing and we made big plans for product launches that will launch this year. Now it’s up to Flatlight to come up with a follow up plan to make sure the launches will all be equivalent and successful in 2019.

Day 2 workshop: Brand Awareness

Day 2 was hosted by Unfair Lean Marketing (a marketing agency located in Helsinki). The goal was to come up with a plan to create global brand awareness for Lappset and make sure next years 50th Anniversary will be mindblowing! Great plans, great workshop and a great task force to take the first steps.

Final day of the trip

Day 3 started with an impressive factory tour by Hannu, the marketing director. I’ve learned so much about the entire process of creating high quality play equipment. Sustainability is a big thing at Lappset considering all the measures they’ve taken. They make sure there is little to no waste product, use electric forklifts and plant 15 trees for every 10 trees used. Lappset is known for the use of Pinewood, which needs 80 to 100 years to grow, so the planting program is really important.

The rest of the day was filled with operational things and coordination between all people involved.

Overall I would say that Lappset has a great philosophy and a really skilled and passionate team to realize it. I’m glad I was able to join this family and hope te be in it for the long run. – Niels




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