The smile prevails

20 March 2017, By Yalp
Smiling is quite important. Doing whatever you love doing gets you to smile like nothing else. When I was young, this meant going nuts on the obstacle-course during…
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When every day is playtime

17 February 2017, By Yalp
Last week I got a wonderful visit from Gary Doody; who had traveled here all the way from Australia. He made a detour to our premises in Goor,…

Just another day at the office

5 February 2016, By Yalp
11 PM. I'm lying in bed on the 19th floor, while looking over the city of Beijing. While reflecting on the past two days of being in China,…
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Why doing is the best way to think

2 January 2017, By Yalp
Just like every year, we at Yalp set ourselves ambitious and inspiring targets at the beginning of 2015. Unfortunately we won't meet this years' goals. Although our international…