Sona, Yalp, Sutu, Meadow park, Hertsmere Borough
Local Authority in the UK adopts three interactives

Hertsmere Council wanted to find  a way to get young children more active in their community. The borough has one of the highest statistics for pre-school obesity in the country and they wanted to find a way to tackle this. The Sona seemed like such a great solution, it is playful, intuitive and provides an opportunity to play like your at the arcade, with just as much choice in games, but still captures dance, learning and imaginative play in one space. In addition the location is on route to school providing a little nudge into being more active before and after class. Hertsmere Parks Team were so impressed with the product, especially as they could really measure the usage stats and see how much activity was taking place that they went on to invest in all of the Yalp products which now feature across the borough.

Hertsmere Borough Council was the first Local Authority in the UK to adopt the first three interactives launched by our distributor Jupiter Play into the British market. Following the success of the Fono DJ booth and Sona dance arch – which attracted healthcare funding to tackle pre-school obesity – they were soon keen to increase the range of activities further by adding the Sutu football wall to their innovative park. The council has placed the Sona and the Sutu near each other at Hertsmere Meadow Park. They installed the Fono across the street at Aberford Park.

Aaron Niblett, Area Parks Officer for Hertsmere Borough Council reveals: ‘’We regularly check how much the public uses the products and the numbers don’t lie, there is an increasing level of popularity!. It’s really helping to bring the community together and encouraging them to get outdoors and active. I’m so surprised other parks and municipalities in the UK have installed these products. We are really happy with the recent addition of the Sutu and the public couldn’t believe it was theirs to use for free!”

Meadow park was originally designed with ball games in mind, with several all-weather courts. Since the installation of the interactives the activities enjoyed at the park are far more diverse and imaginative. The interarctives also encourage more intergenerational play, which all-weather courts lack. Now, with the addition of the Sutu interactive football wall, which has impact-sensitive panels measuring and reacting to ball impact, the sporting opportunities have extended further encouraging people of all ages to improve their skills or try out new ball games such as football, tennis and hockey!

"The equipment is a really unique and innovative way to encourage participation and activity within our parks. We like to be different and provide a variety of different elements for our visitors and have found that the items we have are really well used and well received by all."
Aaron Niblett - Park officier Hertsmere Meadow park