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In the midst of stiff competition, Center Parcs (holiday parks) are not standing still.. They are taking active strides towards realizing over 60 new activities across its parks in 2015. All of these are aimed at creating a stronger and more mention worthy experience. In order to tailor to the growing target market of teenagers, Center Parcs chose to place 12 interactive playsets in 6 of their holiday parks across Western Europe.

Teenage hangouts

This includes The Netherlands (De Eemhof & De Kempervennen), Belgium (De Vossemeren), Germany (Bispinger Heide), and France (Le Lac d’Ailette & Le Bois aux Daims). The interactive playsets of choice were the interactive football wall (Yalp Sutu) and outdoor DJ table (Yalp Fono). “With the Yalp Sutu and Yalp Fono, we are now able to entertain the teenagers accompanying their families during their visits.

Teenagers want to chillout

It was very difficult to actually find something for this target group, because they’re very hard to please. After all, teenagers just want to “chillout,” and meet new friends; while wanting nothing more than to escape their parents’ supervision,” explains Ruud Rerink – Product Development Manager at Center Parcs. “In addition to the Yalp Fono, we have started offering an animation program that includes a Pool Party, and DJworkshops.”

After an absolutely stellar season, all park managers are looking back on their investments very positively. Many of the Center Parcs interactive play sets are within the top-10 most played worldwide. “The guests love it, and the play sets are literally used nonstop; every day of the season, says Ruud. The play sets are highly reliable, and they’ve proven absolutely vandalism-proof. Yalp has also been very helpful all along the way, while giving us free consultation all along the way.”


"The guests love it, and the play sets are literally used nonstop; every day of the season"
Ruud Rerink - Product Development Manager Center Parcs