Rheezerwold, Sutu, Football, Camping

“Traditional” courts and regular playsets at a holiday park have become standard. It’s hard to do without. Nevertheless, investing into these makes increasingly less sense – as they don’t set you apart from the competition. Therefore, this 5-star holiday park (‘t Rheezerwold) in The Netherlands, replaced one of its tenniscourts with a colourful new sports facility, giving a whole new dimension to sports like tennis, hockey and football.

Out with the old, in with the new

The old concrete blacktop was revised in a very cost-efficient manner, and is now the colourful Yalp Toro court you see above. This holiday park invested in three different interactive playsets in early 2015. The third interactive playset was only intended to be temporary, but during this testing period it made such a positive impact on the owner Chiel Palstring, that they decided to place this interactive football wall permanently; right next to the interactive field and the sonic dance arch. “In fact, all three interactive playsets have positively suprised me; especially with their attraction value and their ability to position my park as being even more unique and fun. At night, after dinner, this central square place becomes incredibly busy and lively. Large groups of children and teenagers play at the same time, often even together with their parents,” explains Chiel.`There is no more need for an animation team. The kids and youngsters can entertain themselves….”

“These interactive play sets make my animation team unnecessary, the children are enjoying themselves.”
Chiel Palstring - Managing director camping 't Rheezerwold