RCN, Het Grote Bos, Doorn, Utrecht
Expectations of the average visitor has risen exponentially.

“As an entrepreneur you always have to think at least one step ahead, or at least think of something different as to not lose customers.” The expectations of the average visitor has risen exponentially. This has led to owners of recreational facilities to heavily invest into more, and better equipment to make sure those customers keep coming back. In the leisure and recreation sector, like a holiday park for instance,  this rings true. It is of utmost importance to stand out from the competition as to keep enticing new and existing customers to return.

The management of the holiday park “RCN Het Grote Bos” in Doorn, The Netherlands knows this very well. The park converted one of their tennis courts into a modern sportsfield because the old tennis courts had fewer visitors frequenting them. The new field is home to the Yalp Toro and the Yalp Sutu and allow 50 children to play simultaneously which promots socialisation, coherence and team-work.

Variety and interaction.

The interactive sportsfield increases the level of duration of the stays at “RCN Grote Bos” holiday park. “A seesaw or a climbing frame, which can be found on more or less found on every streetcorner in a residential area, just don’t cut it anymore. For the youngest children, our game locomotive is great, but all the cool children from ages 6 to 17 want something different, something more suited to them.

“Interactive playing brings the challenging variety and social interaction that we wanted at our park.” says Park Administrator Timo van Drie. He continues saying: “Last year, we had our first every experience with an interactive playing device, the Yalp Sona play arch. At first, we were a bit hesitant about whether this investment would pay off, but after the high season the value of this interactive was confirmed… it was a great success! When we were looking for a new, modern replacement for our tennis court this season, the decision was practically made for us.”

Even the turnovers of restaurants are growing!

Beside the positive reactions from parents like: “Finally we can relax on holiday, our childs is entertained for the whole day.”, the playground at RCN is also a great investment. Timo van Drie tells us: “With this playground, we are attracting more and more visitors and the turnovers of the restaurants in the surrounding areas are also growing. Also for my entertainment team, the equipment is responsable for an improvement for their care as the interactives don’t need supervision, the team can focus better on the other children not using the interactives. The machines were a real investment, however, they already have proven their worth. The playground is now perfect.

"Interactive playing brings the challenging variety and social interaction that we wanted at our park."
Timo van Drie - Park administrator RCN